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Connector Industry Roadmap

Report Number: RM-1050-14
Price: $5135.00
Publication Date: December 2014

Connector Industry Roadmap

One of the most difficult jobs for manufacturing personnel is to forecast future demand, trends, and changes or enhancements in technology. Bishop & Associates’ Connector Industry Roadmap will take the guesswork out of this process. This six-chapter, in-depth analysis and historical perspective of the connector and electronic components industry provides:

  • A multidimensional look into industry trends, technology strategies, and industrial competitiveness in the electronic component and connector industry
  • Analysis of the major elements of the electronics industry that parallel, intersect, and influence the design, development, and use of connectors
  • Details of more than 18 major product roadmaps, with technical parameters, forecasts, encroachment, and possible roadblocks over the next decade.

Why leave these important decisions to chance? Let Bishop & Associates, the connector industry experts, assist you!

Chapter 1 – Report Scope and Methodology

  • Background
  • The World Economies/North America
  • Europe
  • Japan
  • Asia-Pacific
  • China
  • ROW
  • World Economic Forum
  • Why has the US fallen from #1 in 2008 and before to #5 in 2013-14?
  • What should be done for the US to retain its World Leadership and move back toward #1?
  • International Monetary Fund Outlook 2013 and Beyond
  • IMF Forecasts
  • Bottom Line
  • The Global Electronics Industry

Chapter 2 – Semiconductors

  • Semiconductor Manufacturers
  • Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers
  • Semiconductor Packaging Firms
  • Worldwide Semiconductor vs. Connector Growth Rates 1980-2013
  • Worldwide Semiconductor vs. Connector Dollars 1980-2013
  • World Semiconductor Sales Dollars Percentage by Region 1980-2013
  • Semiconductor Technology Going Forward: A Major Challenge
  • ITRS – iNEMI Roadmap – DRAM 1/2/ Pitch (nm)
  • CMOS Scaling
  • IC Packaging & Interconnect
  • Predictions for Connectors
  • Takeaways

Chapter 3 – Organic Printed Circuit Boards (and Their Eventual Replacement)

  • Background
  • Situation Analysis
  • PCB Manufacturers
  • Top 100 PCB Manufacturers 2011
  • PCB Company Revenues by HQ by Country 2010
  • PCB Company Revenues by HQ by Country 2011
  • Competitive Nature of PCB Marketplace – Lessons to be learned by connector Industry?
  • Rigid Board Specs and Outlook
  • Nominal Board Specs Today
  • PCB Density Outlook 2013-2023
  • PCB Materials
  • Flexible Circuits
  • Flex by Country – 2010
  • Top Flex Circuit Makers by Country
  • Future of Rigid and Flex Circuitry
  • Potential Disruptive Technologies
  • Si Photonics and Advanced PCB Technology

Chapter 4 – US Manufacturing

  • Overview
  • US Shipments Durable Goods 1995-2023
  • US Shipments All Manufacturing Industries 1995-2023
  • US Shipments Machinery 1995-2023
  • US Shipments Electrical Equipment including Appliances
  • US Shipments Household Audio/Video Equipment 1995-2023
  • US Shipments Photographic Equipment 1995-2023
  • US Shipments Ship Building & Tanks 1995-2023
  • US Shipments Communications Equipment – Defense 1995-2023
  • US Shipments Communication Equipment – Non-Defense 1995-2023
  • US Shipments Transportation Equipment 1995-2023
  • US Shipments Motor Vehicles & Parts 1995-2023
  • US Shipments Electromedical & Instrumentation 1995-2023
  • US Shipments Semiconductors & Related Products 1995-2023
  • US Shipments Electronic Components other than Semiconductors 1995-2023
  • US Shipments Computers and Electronic Products 1995-2023
  • Open Compute Product Motherboard Design
  • AMD Open 3.0 – Targeted Solutions
  • US Shipments Peripheral Equipment 1995-2023
  • US Shipments Storage Equipment

Chapter 5 – Markets and Technology

  • Introduction
  • Regional Business Prospects
  • Europe
  • Manufacturing Movement in Europe: East
  • EMS Providers in Europe
  • Top EMS Providers in Europe
  • European Connector Manufacturing Roadmap 1990-2025
  • Europe/s Issues/Opportunities with 2015-2025
  • North America
  • World C02 Measurements
  • North American Connector Roadmap 1990-2025
  • Japan
  • Taiwan – China
  • Historical Taiwan Targeted Technology Development
  • Asia Pacific & China Connector Roadmap 1990-2025
  • India
  • Technology
  • Definitions
  • Basic Research
  • Industry Technology Transfer
  • Business Cycle Impact on Technology
  • Core and New Technologies of the Connector Industry
  • Electronic Industry Technology Shifts Impact Connector Technology
  • What This Will Mean to Connector Technology
  • Connectors’ Evolutionary Design
  • Changing Equipment Markets
  • OEM Destinies
  • Forbes List of Top R&D Spenders in 2011

Chapter 6 – Connector Industry Outlook 2015-25 Summary

  • Connector Levels of Packaging
  • Market Analysis
  • Top 10 as a Percentage of Total Connector Market 2003-2013
  • Key Industry Needs
  • Key Parameters – Consolidated across Connector Types
  • Key Attributes Metallic Connectors 2015 -2025
  • Summary by Major Connector Type
  • Manufacturing Infrastructures
  • Technical Barriers
  • Connector Usage Trends by Market Segment, 2015-25
  • 2015-2025 Connector Technology Trends
  • Manufacturing Equipment & Process
  • Infrastructure
  • Electronic Materials
  • Environmental Technology
  • Tons of Recycled Electrical/Electronic Equipment 2006-2014
  • Infrastructure Issues
  • Developed World Manufacturing
  • Maturing of the Industry
  • Connector Outlook Discussion
  • Key Areas for Development
  • Technology Gaps
  • Areas where Solvable Gaps and Showstoppers Could Occur
  • Selected Product Outlook 2015-25
  • Photovoltaic Systems and Interconnect
  • World Solar Module Forecast 2008-2023
  • PV Connector Types/Technology
  • Wire-to-Board Connectors (WTB)
  • Miniature Wire-to-Board (WTB) Connectors – 2000-2025 Roadmap
  • Processor Sockets 2000-2025 Roadmap
  • Dual In-Line Memory Sockets 2000-2025 Roadmap
  • Automotive Batteries and Connectors
  • Background
  • World Unit Percent and Volume Passenger Cars 2008-2025 and Related Battery Pack Volumes
  • Connectors
  • Battery Applications, Connector Projections, 2000-2025 Roadmap
  • USB Connectors
  • Super-Speed USB
  • Universal Serial Bus (USB) Connectors 2000-2025 Roadmap
  • PCB Connectors 2000-2025 Roadmap
  • Generic PCB Connectors 2000-2025 Roadmap
  • 2mm Backplane Connectors 2000-2025 Roadmap
  • High Performance Backplane Connectors
  • Fiber Optic Connectors
  • Background
  • FO Deployment
  • There are Formidable Roadblocks to an all-Si Photonics System
  • Available Elements of a Photonic System
  • Future Breakthroughs
  • Fiber Optic Connectors 2000-2025
  • Some of Mellanox FO Active/Passive Cable Assemblies
  • Optical Backplanes
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Some Types of Cable
  • TIA Part 568 Cat 5-7 Cable 2000-2025 Roadmap
  • Industrial Ethernet Cable 2000-2025 Roadmap
  • Plenum/Riser Cable – Commercial Buildings 2000-2025 Roadmap
  • Video Interface Connectors
  • Video Interface Connectors 2009-2025 Roadmap
  • VGA Connectors 2009-2025 Roadmap
  • Thunderbolt/Lightpeak – Display Port Connector 2011-2025 Roadmap
  • Test & Burn-In Sockets
  • Critical Issues
  • Test Socket Technology Trends
  • Test
  • Burn-In
  • Test & Burn-In Sockets 2003-2025 Roadmap
  • Test-in-Tray and Gang Testing
  • Test-in-Tray Automation 2009-2025 Roadmap
  • LED Lighting Connector Products
  • LED Lighting Penetration 2000-2030
  • Recommendations for Connector Industry Research & Development
  • Looking through a Crystal Ball, What will be THE Major Equipment Applications of the Next Decade?

Connector Industry Roadmap


The latest Bishop & Associates report, “The Connector Roadmap,” examines the electronics industry and connectors over the past decade, and forecasts the decade to come. This six chapter report provides electronics industry insiders with valuable insights and information.

The detailed study includes numerous charts and tables, and various photos and illustrations, giving readers a multidimensional look into industry trends, technology strategies, and industrial competitiveness in the electronic component and connector industry. The report also analyzes major elements of the electronics industry that parallel, intersect, and influence the design, development and use of connectors.

As the global economy has come to define the industry, the report includes a look into the competitive position and strategies affecting various regions, including shifting priorities for North America, Europe, Japan, China, and Asia-Pacific. A discussion of this global dynamic includes the “trickling” of “in-sourcing”, as some manufacturing returns to North America and the easing of taxes and regulations in the European Union.

The study looks at the connector industry’s markets and technology trends, and details over 18 major product roadmaps, with technical parameters, forecasts, encroachment, and possible roadblocks over the next decade. U.S. Census Bureau data is compiled on U.S. shipments in 30 multi-billion dollar equipment markets, including automotive, computer and electronic products, military-aerospace, and semiconductors, charted from 1995-2013, with trend line analysis to 2023.

Also included is a discussion of semiconductor technology, electronics packaging, and printed circuit board technology. The slowing or potential halt of Moore’s Law — a critical driver for connector technology and demand, or the emergence of a new set of technologies, e.g. ‘Beyond Moore’ or ‘More Than Moore’, is also examined.

The report discusses how the industry will move forward, forecasts key markets, and gives long-range projections on both connector and equipment markets. Many forecasters think the recovery will continue to be slow and painful, or backslide into another recession. Others see the potential for renewed growth as governments grapple, perhaps successfully, with tax, energy, sovereign debt, and environmental policies. Recommendations for connector industry research and development is also provided.

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