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World Telecom Connector Market 2016-2021

Published: September 2016

World Telecom Connector Market 2016 - 2021

The second largest end-use equipment sector, the telecom market is anticipated to have connector sales of more than $11 billion in 2016, and $16 billion by 2021.

  • What factors will contribute to this growth? Will these same factors continue to drive this end-use equipment sector?
  • Which region will show the greatest increase over the forecast period? Will any of the regions show a decline?
  • Within the five primary telecom equipment categories, where is the greatest potential for growth. Which primary equipment category has the greatest potential for a decline over the forecast period?
  • During the forecast period, which of the various telecom equipment categories has the greatest probability of growth, of decline?
  • Which connector types will benefit the most from an increase in telecom connector sales? Will any connector types see a decrease in demand?

An end-use equipment market that is highly influenced by consumer behavior, the telecom connector market is the second largest market for connectors. The factors and trends driving this sector and the telecom equipment types that will benefit from this growth are presented in this new business intelligence report from industry leader, Bishop & Associates. The report provides analyses by primary equipment group, equipment type, region, and connector type, and includes detailed statistics of the world telecom connector market. Be prepared for the explosive growth in the telecom connector market, order your copy of the World Telecom Connector Market 2016 - 2021.

Structured Cabling and Connectivity Market

Published: February 2015

Are You Prepared

for the Next Transition

in Structured Cabling?

  • Are there still opportunities for copper?
  • What fiber products will dominate the structured cable market?
  • What role are new technologies playing?
  • How have these technologies affected port count?
  • How are suppliers making themselves standout?

Addressing these questions and many more is Bishop & Associates newest research report, Structured Cabling and Connectivity Market. A market that was worth in excess of $14 billion dollars in 2014, the structured cable and connectivity market has undergone significant changes in the past few years. These changes coupled with increased competition, continued growth of data centers, increased prevalence of wireless devices and the continued decline of computer sales, all make for a dynamic setting. Focusing on a variety of cable and product types, the report covers structured cabling components used in local area networks running Ethernet up to data rates of 400G and reviews other markets that use Ethernet such as security.

Be ready to move your company into this new era of cable and connectivity, order your copy of Structured Cabling and Connectivity Market.

Evolving Wireless Power and Data Interconnects

Published: November 2014

Evolving Wireless Power and Data Interconnects


What effect will the growing use of wireless and contactless connectivity have on the traditional connector market and what opportunities will this technology provide designers of electronic products?

The explosive market for mobile devices has begun to change the paradigm of connectivity with demand for interfaces that free the device from the tether of signal and power cables. A host of both short and long range wireless connectivity standards such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and RFID offer wireless links that are effectively replacing traditional connectors on an expanding universe of remote and mobile devices. At the same time, wireless charging technology offers the convenience of consumer-friendly battery charging while eliminating the need for a power connector on the device.

As more electronic devices become mobile, the implications for standard copper interfaces continue to grow. The expanding array of wireless interconnection options is providing new challenges and opportunities for designers of electronic devices as well as connector manufacturers.

So, how will wireless and contactless connectivity effect the traditional connector market? What are the implications on copper and fiber interconnects as we know them today? Bishop’s new report – Evolving Wireless Power and Data Interconnects – discusses these issues and more, as the demand for wireless alternatives races ahead.

This report examines:

  • The basic characteristics of wireless and contactless technology, reviewing advantages and limitations along with examples of typical applications where the technology has been implemented.
  • The effect contactless interconnects can have on data rates and system packaging.
  • The use of millimeter wave transmission as a possible solution to the looming shortage of available frequency bands.
  • Which market sectors will benefit most from wireless and contactless connectivity and will the Internet of Things spur the evolution of this technology?
Multi-Gigabit Datacom Connectors and Cable Assemblies Market

Published: November 2014

Is Your Company Prepared As 100G Expands in the Gigabit Market?

The overall market for Gigabit and above connectors and cable assemblies is expected to top $9.4 billion in 2014. The largest market by far is Ethernet. While 40G Ethernet ports are now mainstream, 100G is just starting to be implemented in LANs. With a double-digit 5-year CAGR, 100G connector products and cable assemblies are anticipated to show significant growth, while sales of connector products and assemblies used in Gigabit Ethernet applications will decline significantly.

Is your company prepared for this change? Bishop’s brand new report - Multi-Gigabit Datacom Connectors and Cable Assemblies Market – will help your company prepare for this exciting and challenging time.

This report provides:

  • Assessment of the key connector and cable assemblers in this market – CommScope, Corning, Panduit, The Siemon Company and many others – their current and anticipated products and how they compare with mega connector and cable assembler’s like Amphenol, Molex and TE Connectivity.
  • Information on how top-of-rack (ToR) switching and SFP+ direct attach copper cables, effect installation timing and cost upgrading in data centers, as well as current ToR configurations.
  • Answers the question “How will finally having 10GBASE-T influence the 10GBASE-SR (10G short-reach optics) market?”
Mobile Backhaul Network Technologies and Connectivity Market

Published: October 2013

This 6 chapter research report covering mobile backhaul network discusses the technologies used in mobile backhaul network, equipment involved, and connectivity products needed to support these solutions.

The Market for Filtered Connectors in Commercial and Military Applications

Published: July 2010

This Bishop and Associates 14 chapter market research report provides a detailed analysis of connectors that feature the capability of mitigating the negative effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and/or electrostatic discharge (ESD).