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The I/O Rectangular Connector Market 2021

Published: October 2021

The I/O Rectangular Connector Market 2021

Ranked the third largest connector family in 2021, the I/O rectangular market is expected to account for over 14% of the total world connector market.

  • What types of I/O rectangular connectors will make up this thriving product type?
  • What type of I/O rectangular connector represented the greatest sales dollars in 2020? What type is anticipated to represent the greatest sales dollars in 2021F? 2026F?
  • Which region is the largest consumer of I/O rectangular connectors overall? Which product type within that region? Which region is anticipated to show the largest 5-Year CAGR? Which I/O product type?
  • Who are the key manufacturers of SFP (small-form-factor pluggable) connectors? Rack and panel connectors? Personal computer and peripheral connectors?
  • What trends are affecting the growth of D-subminiatures? Of rectangular I/O power connectors? Of I/O connectors with blade or tab contacts?

The I/O Rectangular Connector Market 2021 report answers these questions and more. The report examines by region, by general classification, and by individual I/O rectangular connector type the I/O rectangular connector market and provides detailed sales statistics for the years 2019, 2020, 2021F, and 2026F. This report identifies the key suppliers of individual I/O rectangular connector types, identifies what I/O rectangular product types are anticipated to show the most growth, and will help you plan on how to capitalize on this growth.

The Market for Filtered Connectors in Commercial and Military Applications

Published: July 2010

This Bishop and Associates 14 chapter market research report provides a detailed analysis of connectors that feature the capability of mitigating the negative effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and/or electrostatic discharge (ESD).