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Copper and Fiber Connectivity in the Data Center

Published: July 2022

Copper and Fiber Connectivity in the Data Center

How are high-speed copper and fiber optic interconnect continuing to evolve to support ever-increasing demand for higher bandwidth, signal integrity, longer reach, and increased face plate density while reducing total system power consumption and cost?

  • What applications will continue to drive exponential demand for data center capacity and speed? Are active optical cables a long-term solution or a transitional tool between copper and fiber networks? How do thermal management issues impact I/O connector selection?
  • What new fiber optic connectors have, or are being developed, to support the many new applications for optical links? Who are the manufacturers developing these and what key features do these interfaces incorporate?
  • Have we reached basic technology limits? What is co-packaged optics (CPO) and how does this approach affect power consumption? Panel density?
  • How have the current iterations of pluggable optical transceivers changed the market? What are the advantages of using pluggables?
  • What are some of the electrical and mechanical limitations associated with using copper? How does cable weight and bulk affect things like weight and cost?

Bishop & Associates’ newest research report, Copper and Fiber Connectivity in the Data Center looks at what maybe the first steps of a major evolutionary change in the market for this class of interfaces. Be prepared for these steps. Order your copy of Copper and Fiber Connectivity in the Data Center.

World RF Coax Connector Market

Published: June 2020

World RF Connector Market 2020

  • How did the RF coax connector market perform in 2019? How will it perform in 2020 and beyond? What markets and geographical regions present the greatest potential for growth in RF (coaxial) connectors and why?
  • How do new and higher frequency allocations, especially for 5G and IoT, influence design, production tolerances, test equipment, and cost and supply chain sourcing?
  • Which specific RF coax connectors (families and product types) are projected to show the highest growth and how are connector manufacturers addressing these potential increases or decreases in demand?

Bishop & Associates’ new research report, World RF Coax Connector Market 2020 presents the latest and most up-to-date market information, trends, RF connector technology, product, and application information. RF coax connector sales for the years 2018, 2019, 2020F, and 2025F are provided by RF connector family and type, worldwide and by region of the world.

Predictions include effects of trends for higher frequencies, broader application bandwidths, and international shifts. With a forecasted CAGR of XX.X% from 2020 to 2025, growth of the world RF coax connector market exceeds many other connector types.

Major changes are currently underway for coaxial connectors and applications. Understand and prepare your company and customers for these changes by ordering your copy of World RF Coax Connector Market 2020.